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Outreach Recap: The Joybox Express and Roots of Music masterclass at Preservation Hall

On Saturday, November 15th, the Preservation Hall Foundation was joined by the Joybox Express to conduct a very special performance and masterclass for the students of the Roots of Music.

The Joybox Express is a 501(c)(3) that raises money for charitable organizations that enhance the quality of children’s lives, focusing on those that provide access to programs in the arts & athletics. In their most recent endeavor, they paired up with Artrain to travel the entire length of the Mississippi River by bicycle, from the headwaters at Lake Itasca in Minnesota to New Orleans. Pushing off on September 1, they visited dozens of communities in this 95-day, 2,000-mile journey, offering concerts, workshops, and Group Rides to as many people as possible, especially kids when possible. Eleven educators were a part of their team, preparing materials and a suggested curriculum to maximize the educational impact of our  visits.

Check out these incredible photos from their time at Preservation Hall!


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New Classes to be Offered at Preservation Hall

Do you know a beginner music student between the ages of 10 and 17 who is looking to learn more about New Orleans Jazz? If so, we have the perfect class for them!

Starting today, Friday, August 3rd, the Preservation Hall Foundation is offering beginner classes in traditional New Orleans Jazz. Geared towards younger students, this class, taught by Sousaphone player, Jeffery Hills, and outreach coordinator and trombonist, Ashley Shabankareh, will teach repertoire, parade marching and dress, instrument techniques, and music theory as it relates to traditional brass band music. The class will also perform at a variety of musical outlets throughout the city, including second-lines, festivals, and along-side their mentors at Preservation Hall and advanced student members of the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz Band.

We are currently seeking students on trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, tuba, drums, and piano. Students need to require their own instruments, as the Preservation Hall Foundation is able to provide them.

Parents of students interested in this program should email Ashley Shabankareh to schedule an audition.

Ashley Shabankareh

504-522-2841, ext 13

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