Check out these Photos from the LEAF Field Trip

In March, our friends from the LEAF Schools and Streets joined us for field trip for a day of master classes. The field trip, completely supported by donations, allow their students to journey to the heart of jazz music and cultural traditions, in the city of New Orleans, where jazz was born. Their young blossoming musicians spent spring break performing at the historic Congo Square Festival, sharpening their skills with a master class at Preservation Hall and later dancing to a live performance performed by their mentors. Their students were able to learn from Maynard Chatters, who reminded students that “Music is universal…the language is the same no matter where you go.”

Check out these great photos of students from the LEAF during their master class!

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We just received a sweet thank you note from our friends at the LEAF in Asheville, NC. From their kind words they sent us, we happy to know that their students were able to learn a bit more about New Orleans culture and music.  LEAF THANK YOUAbout the LEAF: LEAF Schools and Streets is a local educational outreach program matching artists with youth in schools and communities for hands-on workshops, residencies, interactive performances and mentoring that includes opportunities for youth to perform with artists at LEAF and beyond! Teaching Artists are from the local, regional and international community. The program is designed to reach children and adults of different socio-economic backgrounds in the Asheville area and Western NC. LSS was inspired by LEAF executive director’s godchildren who were living in public housing. She saw a huge lack in access to the arts for children living in the Klondyke Apartments in the Montford neighborhood of Asheville. Like the LEAF Festival, LSS proves that music and the arts can bridge cultures and create life-altering, community-building experiences. Our LSS programs provide an opportunity for youth participants to attend and perform at LEAF alongside their Teaching Artists. Participating youth gain self-esteem and cultural awareness while experiencing multiple interactions with performing artists, being a performer on stage, and a festival adventure. For more information, please visit


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