Members of the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz Band Travel to Bring New Orleans Music to Japan

On October 4th, three members of the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz Band, Will Hightower, John Michael Bradford, and Hunter Burgamy, traveled to Japan through the Tipitina’s Internship Program, accompanied by Donald Harrison, members of the O. Perry Walker High School Marching Band and Yoshio and Keiko Toyama, co-founders of the Wonderful World of Jazz Foundation in Japan.

The trip is a cultural exchange, providing New Orleans students the opportunity to share New Orleans music, perform for Japanese jazz fans at a variety of music venues and events, and collaborate with Japanese youth Jazz bands. New Orleans area students are additionally exploring the connection between two areas of the world that have experienced massive devastation, assisted each other in their rebuilding processes post-Katrina and post-Tsunami, and take an interest in preserving the culture of Jazz. Not only are these students gaining further education, but additionally are furthering their professional experience.

WWLTV has been keeping up with our students while they have been in Japan. Check out this great footage on WWLTV’s website –

We are so proud of our members of the Preservation Hall Junior Jazz Band, and cannot wait to hear about their experiences and what they learned while they were in Japan.




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