U.S. Coast Guard Trad Jazz Band to Host a Masterclass at Preservation Hall

This Wednesday at Preservation Hall, we are pleased to host the U.S. Coast Guard Traditional Jazz Band as they conduct a masterclass for our students.

The U.S. Coast Guard Traditional Jazz Band was organized in 1970 to perform classic jazz, blues, and rags with a “New Orleans” flavor. The Dixieland Jazz Band has entertained audiences across America, in the former Soviet Union and in England. Notable venues include the open-air theater in Disney World, the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, at the “Galaxy Jazz Festival” in Milwaukee, the Embarcadero in San Francisco, the John F. Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington, D.C., and at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The five member group has also performed on numerous radio and television broadcasts across the nation. Their current personnel includes:

  • MU1 Cedric Mayfield, clarinet
  • MU1 Thomas Brown, trumpet
  • MUC Ian Frenkel, piano
  • MUC Mark McCormick, bass/leader
  • MU1 Nathan Lassell, drums

Doors for the masterclass are at 4:00pm, with the masterclass starting at 4:30pm, lasting one hour. For more information, contact Ashley at ashley@preshallfoundation.org.



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